AP140 PRO Kit

Air Purifier, Replacement Filter, and Carbon Inlay

The AP140 PRO cleans up to 1400 ft2 / every 15 min. with its innovative 360° multi-layer filter (including HEPA filter and active carbon inlay). The German-made technology is energy-efficient and whisper-quiet.


This professional-grade AP140 PRO air purifier uses an innovative 360° multi-layer filter (including HEPA filter and optional active carbon inlay) to reliably remove pollen, allergens, dust, airborne debris, and odors. The German-made technology is energy-efficient, whisper-quiet, and can be monitored and controlled with the IDEAL AIR PRO app.

Filter AP140 PRO

The innovative 360° high-performance smart filter for the AP140 PRO includes a fine mesh prefilter and true HEPA filter. The filter only needs to be replaced approximately every 12 months, even with continuous use.


Active carbon inlay AP140 PRO

Active carbon effectively neutralizes gaseous pollutants and odors. This inlay fits perfectly inside the AP140 PRO filter.




The air in manufacturing facilities, workshops, and warehouses are filled with bad air that can be harmful to both people and even the way equipment operates. The IDEAL AP140 PRO is designed for industrial applications including logistic centers, print shops, and large warehouse spaces.

For areas up to 1400 ft2

The AP140 PRO keeps warehouse
space, workshops and other large
rooms free of inorganic
particles and odors.

Ready for use immediately

The AP140 PRO can be used at
any time, from any location. The heavy-duty
castors make it easy to roll to the desired
location and turn it on.

Active carbon filter

The optional active carbon
inlay neutralizes odors at
high levels quickly.

49,440 cu. ft.

(Cubic Feet Per Hour)

14 min

Air exchange rate
(1,400 sq. ft. room with 8 ft. celling)

25.2 dB

Noise levels
(In night mode)

Maximum performance and power.
The IDEAL AP140 PRO impresses with extremely high airflow rates and optimum cleaning performance. The outstanding workmanship and high-quality components make the AP140 PRO a reliable product for years to come.

The AP140 PRO is also surprisingly quiet thanks to the optimum interplay between the unit‘s components and their flow-optimized layout.

A high-quality activated carbon insert is also available. This is particularly effective against exhaust gases, cigarette smoke, ozone, as well as chemical vapors and odors. Find out more


With the intuitive app,
you can control and monitor
your air purifier using your
smartphone. Available free
on Google Play and the
Apple App Store.

Control panel

Use the control element to
conveniently select the
functions On/Off, Auto,
Manual, Turbo, Timer, and
Night mode. The three-color
code displays the air quality.

Remote control

The AP140 PRO can also be
easily controlled with its
remote control.

Technical data

Dimensions and weight

Height: 28.5 in
Width: 22 in
Depth: 25 in
Weight: 112.5 lbs

Air flow

824 CFM

Noise levels (dB)

25.2 - 60.3

Fan speed

Auto, 1, 2, 3, & Turbo

Power supply

120v, 50/60Hz

Room size

1,400 - 2,800 sq. ft.