As quiet
as a whisper!

In addition to the room size, filtration performance, and airflow, the sound level produced by an air purifier is critical. The IDEAL PRO air purifiers impress with whisper quiet running.

Quiet, loud or even annoying?

This is how quiet our air purifiers are in comparison with other noises. 







Soft rustle of leaves with no wind, calm breathing: Quiet and barely noticeable



AP40 PRO air purifier: One of the quietest air purifiers on the market.




Whisper: Quiet yet discernible



Operating noise of a refrigerator: Normal, audible



Several people having a chat, television: Annoying, loud



Subway: Extremely loud, annoying

Depending on where it’s positioned, the sound level of an air purifier can be perceived quite differently. For instance, whether a device is used during the day in an open-plan office or at night in a bedroom. A sound level that might not even be noticed during the day due to the many other noises present may well be perceived as extremely irritating throughout the night.

IDEAL air purifiers operate extremely quietly.



In their quietest mode (night mode), all IDEAL PRO air purifiers are whisper-quiet and virtually inaudible. The IDEAL AP40 PRO really shines here with a peak operating noise value of 16.7 dB(A). The air purifiers from our competitors with comparable airflow have significantly higher measured values of between 22 dBA and 32 dBA.

"Air purifiers are generally streamlined for airflow power and filtration performance. However, we also focus on another key component: Noise generation. This results in an ultra-quiet night mode, yet also high performance and a pleasant operating noise.”

Optimum interaction of every component.

Makes the IDEAL AP PRO air purifiers whisper-quiet.

IDEAL’s fans are the key to its quiet operation. The rotor blades are produced from a single piece of high-tech composite material giving them optimum aerodynamics. Their design has been continuously optimized through complex simulation models. This has resulted in optimum, low-loss flow of the rotor blades. In other words, the best possible air performance is achieved using the lowest possible fan speed, thereby minimizing the pressure loss in the air purifier.

Alongside its extremely high energy efficiency and compact design, the GreenTech EC motor also contributes to the ultra-quiet running. Every component inside IDEAL’s air purifiers have been arranged for absolute airflow optimization. This uniform airflow design leads to fewer sources of noise and, therefore, improved and quieter acoustics. Together with their durable construction and maintenance-free operation, IDEAL has set a completely new standard in air purification.

"Thanks to the innovative, backward curved radial fan rotor blades, the airflow is only diverted once in the device and then blown out through the generously sized outlet openings."

Markus Boos (Director Competence Center Air Treatment)

Super-quiet background operation.
In night mode, all lights on the display are also dimmed.
The IDEAL PRO models are perfect for use
in bedrooms and children's rooms.

High performance, including the filter.



IDEAL’s 360° smart filters also support extremely quiet operation. Thanks to its special design, each air purifier facilitates optimum utilization of the entire filter surface. The circular filter also sits directly on the motor and is held flush in position. Due to the compact design of IDEAL PRO air purifiers, the air only travels a short distance to the filter, which also helps prevent any unnecessary noise.

IDEAL air purifiers

The perfect interaction.


The perfect interaction of all individual operation components helps rank IDEAL air purifiers when it comes to power, air exchange, and quiet operation.